Saturday, January 11, 2014

Boris Spassky vs David Bronstein, USSR Championship, 1960

David Bronstein's book "200 Open Games" (1973 Dover, 0-486-26857-8) is an excellent book on the King's Gambit, detailing at least 24 'gambit games' from his career. The King's Gambit player is described as none other than a "chess d'Artagnan" in his book.

Here is the classic game between Boris Spassky and David Bronstein (USSR Championship, Leningrad 1960)

"The Mammoth Book of The World's Greatest Chess Games" (ISBN: 978-0-78671-411-7) lists this game as Game #42. This position inspired the scene in the James Bond movie "From Russia With Love" (with 24. Rxf8+ to follow).
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