Friday, January 28, 2011 Chess Tournament Round 2: Ashik vs Ron

I won the round 2 of chess tournament in a little earlier playing with black. My opponent was Ron Pragides who sits in seventh floor in the same building as mine. He is Senior Director of Software Engineering. Shishir and Maithili joined me to watch the game. The chess clock we had actually ran out of battery so Ron did an interesting thing. He downloaded a chess clock in his iPhone where we set 20 minutes for each of us. It served the purpose fine!

Ron made the first mistake but I made a follow up mistake too to bring him back in the game. So it went down to Ron to make the final mistake by him through which I was able to mate him. Unlike round 1, this time I was ahead of time.

Monday, January 24, 2011 Chess Tournament Round 1 - Ashik vs Didier

I played the first round of the four round chess tournament in I won with White, although I felt I am out of touch by a good margin due to the lack of practice. My opponent was Didier Prophete who is PMTS and sits in 3rd floor in the same building as I do. Also I took lot more time than my opponent to move.

However, I will do some practice before next rounds so that I don't make simple miscalculations.

Soon after this, I exchanged the queens to make sure there is nothing left in the board except my Rook and Didier's Bishop while I have a bunch of queens side passed pawns to march for promotion. So he resigned here while I had some 3 minutes left in the clock as opposed to his 9 minutes.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Great Chess Players In History (Non-English)

I got an email from the following blog owner where he started compiling all the great chess players career brief in short.

While this is great, this is in Spanish or some other language as I have no idea. I wish I would get the English version of it somehow.