Saturday, November 19, 2011

Four Games of Salahuddin With My Analysis

I got introduced to Salahuddin recently through him email as he found my details from this blog. He is working in Austrlia as a .NET developer and wants his son to learn chess. He sent me 4 of his games for my comments and here I am taking the chance to look into his games.

Game 1: Please check my comments in move 17 where I think White has a better chance.

Game 2: There is nothing much to say about this game because as soon as Black made the mistake of 18..Nb5?, the rest of it is to keep the head cool for White to win with a piece up.

Game 3: Because White made the final blunder and he was short of time, he lost.

Game 4:

These games show me that he plays quite well.