Saturday, March 22, 2014

Ashik vs GM Daniel Noroditsky, Simultaneous Exhibition at 2014 San Francisco Scholastic Chess Championship

I drew with GM Daniel Naroditsky today in a Simultaneous Chess Tournament arranged the San Francisco Country Building as a side event of 2014 San Francisco Scholastic Chess Championship. Ahyan played in the scholastic event winning all his 3 games. In the meantime I joined the simultaneous display by Naroditsky under the sunlight in a comfortable temperature. Looks like my simultaneous performance is good. The only other time I played a simul was in 2005 against GM Susan Polgar which game I also drew.

Ashik vs IM Ricardo De Guzman, Friday Night Marathon, Spring 2014, Round 2

Monday, March 17, 2014

Ashik vs Anirudh Seela, Friday Night Marathon, Spring 2014, Round 1

I started playing Friday Night Marathon last weekend. In the first round I won again Anirudh Seela to whom I lost recently on the same English opening. So it was my turn this time to equal the score and the opening didn't go well for me again. I guess I am a bit vulnerable against 1.c4 . But mixing tactics and strategy I was able to come up with a very double edged, sharp position where I outplayed Anirudh slowly with a nice finishing touch.

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blindfold Game at home against Ahyan

I played the following blindfold game against Ahyan 2 days back. We couldn't finish it as we had to head out for watching the move Shaadi Ke Side Effects. Whali Bhai came during the game we were playing and he has surprised seeing me to play the game blindfolded.I was one pawn up but I am not sure if the play would continue I could win or not, specially as it was heading towards a long rook end game!