Monday, November 3, 2014

Won Against GM Susan Polgar in Simultaneous Game at World Open Boys & Girls Qualifier, Shaumburg, IL

GM Susan Polgar game a simul at November 1st 2014 in Hyatt Regency Shaumburg, IL where World Youth Boys & Girls Qualifier tournament was going on. Both parents and kids were allowed to participate in the tournament. I believe I was the only parent playing the simul along with 22 other kids including my son Ahyan Zaman in next board to me. As far as I know I was the only person who won and Susan won in the rest of the boards. Last time I played against Susan was in another Simul given by her in Atlanta, Georgia at 2005 where I accepted a draw offer by her in a better position. My Simul record looks good as I also drew in a better position against GM Daniel Naroditsky earlier this year where he defended a difficult exchange down end game in that simul.