Thursday, December 20, 2007

Kamsky wins World Cup 2007 to challenge Topalov

I believe except Anand and Kramnik, the only 2 other players who can really have a chance against Topalov are Ivanchuk and Kamsky. Chuky is out already, so Kamsky is the one who should win the cup and challenge Topalov. And this is exactly what happened. This way, we will get a great competition between Topalov and America's hope Kamsky while we already have the greatest match after Kasparov-Karpov era waiting for us - World Chess Championship 2008 between Anand and Kramnik. I believe people will like to see a Anand-Topalov, Anand-Ivanchuk and Anand-Kamsky match in future as opposed to anyone else you name it - Shirov? Nah, he already lost to Anand big time earlier. Aronian, not enough to be the top of the world yet. Carlsen, count for him in future, not now. Kamsky was particularly tough for Anand in past while Topalov can beat anyone any day. Ivanchuk is in his career peak now and can pose trouble to any of Anand, Kramnik, Topalov, Kamsky. Lets see how it goes.