Saturday, September 22, 2018

Fritz and the Comeback by Gabirel Adams

As part of an initiative for Rickshaw Girl movie, I got introduced to Producer Eric J Adams. Recently in an email conversation knowing my passion for chess, he mentioned that his son Gabriel Adams produced a short film on a homeless chess master on his comeback to chess after 20 years. Gabriel actually arranged this man to play in this competitive tournament chess at Concord Open 2013 (if I remember correctly, I and my son Ahyan also played that same tournament) and made this film based on his comeback. While watching this you will get some food for thought on how a chess master thinks, be he/she a millionaire or a homeless, about life! I could feel his soul myself, his spoken and unspoken words. Thank you Gabriel for everything you did for Fritz, and thus indirectly, to all passionate chess lovers.

Fritz and the Comeback from Gabriel Adams on Vimeo.

I checked with the Director of Mechanics Chess Institute IM John Donaldson about Fritz. He is one of the most knowledgable chess historians of our time. He sent me 2 links where it was widely covered during that 2013 tournament time.

Thursday, September 13, 2018


Singer Juga produced this song out of frustration from loosing a game that she thought she was winning! Remembering Capablanca's quote that you can't be a master without loosing hundred games, she brought him back in this unique creative achievement! And of all, my most favorite world chess champion is Jose Raul Capablanca!!

Ahyan Won CalChess State Champion in Under 1600

Ahyan became CalChess State Champion in Under 1600 rating group in the Labor Day Weekend Tournament of 2018. He scored 5 out of 6 along with Mohammad S Khan. With the champions trophy he also got 966 dollars prize check and a 51 rating points increase to push him to the next rating group. You may find the full standings here.

My own performance in Under 2200 group was a disaster scoring 2 out of 6 and am pushed down 52 rating points and 1 group below. Ahyan is now 1 rating group behind to catch me. Also I ran for the CalChess Board Membership during this tournament. I lost by 2 votes less than the 4th board member who was elected but I see lots of responses from chess players and parents. I will try it again next year. Thanks to everyone who voted for me, supported me and encouraged me.

IM John Donaldson congratualted Ahyan at Mechanics' Institutechess newsletter -

"Congratulations to Mechanics’ member Ahyan Zaman, who tied for first in the under-1600 section of the Northern California state championship, held over Labor Day weekend. Ahyan scored 5–1 to raise his rating from 1590 to 1641."