Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Immortal Game - Adolph Anderssen vs Lionel Kieseritsky, London 1851

Opening: King's Gambit
Theme: Combination
Source: 2010: Chess Oddities by Alex Dunne

This game features as the first of Raymond Keene's Duels Of The Mind : The Twelve Best Games of Chess.

Mikhail Botvinnik vs Milan Vidmar, Nottingham 1936

Opening: Queen's Gambit Declined
Theme: Isolated Queen Pawn
Source: 2010: Chess Oddities by Alex Dunne

Frank Marshall vs Jose Capablanca, Game 23, Match 1909

Opening: Queen's Gambit Declined
Theme: Queen Side Pawn Majority
Source: 2010: Chess Oddities by Alex Dunne

Berthold Englisch vs William Stenitiz, London 1863

Opening: Ruy Lopez
Theme: Two Bishops
Source: 2010: Chess Oddities by Alex Dunne

37th People's Chess Tournament by Bay Area Chess

Last weekend I was quite busy with the 37th People's Chess Tournament in Fremont Marriott. As it was a long weekend, I registered it online through after renewing my US Chess Membership.
After a successful World Cup Cricket 2011 opening ceremony in Dhaka where Bryan Adams, Shankar-Ehsan-Loy, Runa Laila, Sabina Yasmin et al perfomred in the midst of mind blowing fireworks, we gathered in Shahriar's house for the India vs Bangladesh opening match of the world cup in 19th February. He arranged lots of people and we had a nice time gossiping together (Ezaz, Amin, Dhanad, Sayeem, Wali Bhai, Sumit Bhai, Mamun Bhai, Dipu Bhai and some others). Although we lost due to a huge score from Sehwag (175) that took India's total to 370/4 in 50 overs, we gave it a fight by scoring 283/9 without being all out.
That meant I didn't get much sleep for the next morning's chess game in the tournament at 11:30 AM.
I won the first game nicely, drew a lost game against Kevin, got a win by forfeit in third round, won playing well in fourth game, drew a completely won game in fifth and finally lost a drawn Rook ending in the final (sixth) round. Despite this, I was in the prize list for my group (AB - 1700 to 1899) winning $66. I was jointly 6th-7th-8th for 4.0 out of 6 games. Look at the link below and check the AB section for my name in red in the prize list! I also gained 30 US Chess rating and my new rating now is 1797. I am planning to participate in short tournaments in future as well. This tournament was a 5 hour each game tournament for 6 rounds (move 30/90 + 60 each) spanning 3 days. My colleague Ganesh came twice during the tournament to watch my games and the final evening Amin, Shusmita, Ahyan and Suhaila came. Ahyan was very happy to see this vast gathering of chess players in Fremont Marriott (200+ participants in several groups).
In case you are interested for my games, please check  earlier posts in this blog for the game notations to replay yourself.

Seigbert Tarrasch vs Jackson Showlater, Vienna 1898

Opening: Hungarian Defense
Theme: Space / Mobility
Source: 2010: Chess Oddities by Alex Dunne

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Ashik (1767) vs Tendoro Porlares (1897), 4th Round

Opening: Caro Kann Defence
It was interesting as he was the highest rated player in our AB group. After defeat in this game to me, he withdrew from the rest of the 2 games as he knew he won't be able to make it to the prize list.

In the 3rd round, I got a win by forfeit as my opponent Bryan Ling (1584) could not attend due to illness. I looked for alternate opponents but the tournament directors couldn't find someone interested to play at 1700+ player!

Arnold Hua (1674) vs Ashik (1767), 6th Round

Opening: Sicillian Defence
I made a very early and common mistake in the opening. However, I was able to hold the position till the very last move, where a one move mistake made the drawn game a lost one for me!

So the tournament standing finally was Kevin and Arnold joint champion with 5 out of 6 while 3 other guys were 4.5 followed by 3 of us 4 points each. So I was jointly 6th to 8th and will get some prize money. Also with this tournament, I gained 30 US Chess rating and my rating now is 1797!

Edward Li (1822) vs Ashik (1767), 5th Round

Opening: Slav Defence
I made a big blunder in the end game to make a completely winning game to a drawn one.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Kevin (1704) vs Ashik (1767), Round 2

Opening: Sicillian Defence
Kevin, 10 years old only boy, finally went on to become joint champion in AB group. He was crying with tears after making 2 blunders against me in a completely winning position. Finally when I was winning after his blunders, he offered me a draw as he was not able to think clearly or sit down on the board... I accepted the draw offer.

Ashik (1767) vs Terri (1702), 1st Round, 37th People Tourney, Fremont Marriott

Opening: Caro Kann Defence

I believe it was a hard fought, complexly calculated long game for me where I went into severe time pressure but could hold the strings together till end. And hence the victory brought satisfaction!

Sunday, February 13, 2011

KChess - Chess For Kindle

Today I found KChess, the chess software for Kindle in Amazon. It's built by Oak Leisure Systems Software and is available for $2.99 only.

It has 10 levels of strength, level 1 being the easiest and 10 the strongest. I was surprised to see how good even Level 1 plays. I have won against that after some accurate play and had to play all through a rook end game to win against Level 2. I am now playing against Level 3 and looks like this is the level where I will be stopped for the moment. The app is surprisingly well designed. I wish I could save the games that I play - that's one thing that can be done as additional feature in future release of this app.

I am so happy to get this. This game itself made me think again - Kindle Rocks!

Friday, February 11, 2011 Chess Tournament Round 3: Ashik vs Randy

I won the third round of the tournament against Randy Sepe. He is a Support Metrics Manager and sits in One California St.

It was a Caro Kann Defence game and as I was writing my moves, Ganesh was also writing our moves. Randy made a dubious opening choice against which i was able to create pressure on him to limit the movement of this pieces substantially. It ended with an attack from which I came out a piece up. The rest of time he defended well, but I was too ahead by then to make any difference in the end result.