Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Ashik vs Hans Niemann, Tuesday Night Marathon, Winter 2014, Round 3

I faced Hans for the first time although we have been playing in many chess tournaments in including in Mechanics Chess Institute for more than a year. I had a very tough position to defend once I grabbed a pawn in the Sicillian Alapin. Hans is well versed in the variation where I made an early inaccuracy as I dont know the variation very well. But I am happy that I gave a tenecous defence which resulted in Hans' attack dry out. And once an attack fails, the attackers own defence become very vulnerable. This is exactly what happened and I counter attacked and check mated him. There are few inaccuracies in the game but overall I played well. A very important open game to analyze.

With this win I am leading the Tuesday Night Marathon in Mechanics Institute, San Francisco with 4 or 5 other people scoring 3 out of 3!
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