Saturday, December 12, 2020

Drew with GM Enamul Hossain (Razib) in 2nd Round of 14th Philadelphia Open

Today after a long time Ahyan and I played in an online tournament other than San Francisco Mechanics Institute's Tuesday Night Marathon that we play often. We played the 14th Philadelphia Open where I was in the Open section and Ahyan was in the Under 1800 section. Ahyan scored 3.5 out of 5 but I didn't do well. However, in the second round, I secured a surprise draw with GM Enamul Hossain (Razib). I lost a pawn early in the middlegame and was destined to lose. But I put up a very prolonged defense and somehow it worked. I think Razib would win it if he had a bit more time left in the clock. After the game Razib sent me a message "well played!" - so nice of him. Here is the game.

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