Tuesday, January 16, 2007

My Game Against GM Susan Polgar

GM Susan Polgar, 4-time Women's World Champion, gave a simultaneous chess in Atlanta, Georgia as part of Kay Umeakunne's Mighty Knights and Lady Bughouse chess camps in June 2005. She was at Stonecrest Mall Borders in Lithonia, Georgia one day earlier giving a lecture, conducting a Q&A, and signing copies of her new book A World Champion's Guide To Chess. The Simultaneous Exhibition was held at the Mountain Park Activity Building, Stone Mountain where we 21 chess players participated in 21 different boards.

Date: 06/24/2005 Atlanta, Georgia
Event: Simultaneous Display By GM Susan Polgar

White: GM Susan Polgar (2570)
Black: Ashik Uzzaman (1642)

I was 1 hour late to arrive the stone mountain as I lost the road in the hill. After taking help from an old man, I could manage a taxi cab and when I reached the Mountain Park Activity Building, I narrowly managed to join the simul providing my entry fee. Among the 21 boards, Kazim's game finished last and all lost except me. I accepted a draw offer from her after 33 moves in a winning position, showing honor to a grand master. Though its not a serious game, but for an average player like me, its a good achievement.
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