Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Salesforce Chess Club Participates in US Ameteur Team West 2014 Championship at President's Day Weekend

This Presiden't Day weekend, Salesforce Chess Club represented in US Ameteur Team West Championship 2014 at Santa Clara Convention Center, Great America Pkwy. Here was our team composition.

Board 1: Ashik Uzzaman (Team Captain)
Board 2: Spencer Scorcelletti
Board 3: Ganesh Mathroobutham
Board 4: Mallikarjunaiah Nellore

Being a new team, we scored 1 out of 6 rounds but received the trophies for representing industry in the tournament. I won all my 6 games thus receiving a foldable chess clock for top performance on board 1. If you want to look at those games they are given below. 

Round 1:
Round 2:
Round 3:
Round 4:
Round 5:
Round 6:

My rating performance for this tournament is close to 2500 due to perfect score, taking my new rating up to 2089 for March supplement. But I myself am particularly happy to play the 30th move of Game 3rd.

NorCal House of Chess became champion this year. They were the champion previous year too. The top board was GM Enrico Sevilliano, 2nd board IM Reciardo Du Guzaman and 2rd board IM Ronald Cusi. Interesting was 4th board, my fellow Bangladeshi chess player Shafieen who is also a student of Coach Ted of NorCal House of Chess. Shafieen got a very good exposure with this tournament playing in the same team with GM and IMs. Way to go for him.

You can check the final team and individual standings here -

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