Sunday, April 27, 2014

Join Our Team For Millionaire Chess Open at Las Vegas

As early registrants of Millionaire Chess Open, both I and Ahyan have received MC Lifetime VIP Membership. Other than the VIP facilities during tournaments, this means we will get a 50% discount in entry fees for all MC chess tournaments for rest of our life! What an amazing gift from MC team to reward us for our support. For details you can check this newsletter -

Now that the tournament is a sure go, we need to recruit 2 more registrants for the team to get the 10% free discount as part of team registration at MC. I, Ahyan, Shafieen, Brendan and one other frind of his, Keith, Daaim and Konstantinos Tsoukalas are now grouped under team code 003 and we are 8 now. So if we get 2 more people to join us, we will get the 10% refund at 1st week of October. That 1000 registration fee back, we will divide among all of us - so each of us will get back $100. If we get more people, we will shoot for 25 people team to increase the discount to 12%. Its simple math! For example, GM Sam Shankland is also forming a team. The main benefit of registering as a team is the discount. However, I think they have some group hotel registration facilities as well although I wont need hotel accommodation as I my son Ahyan Zaman has won the hotel accommodation in the early bird lottery in Planet Hollywood!

If you are interested to join our team, please use team code 003 during registration online and mention Brendan's name as team lead. If you have already registered, then you can just send an email to MC team and say that you want yourself to be included in team code 003. Please let me and/or Brendan know so that we keep you in our head count for refund. For more details, just send me an email at

See you in Vegas this October for a great chess vacation and fun!

Update: I contacted Millionaire Chess and came to know that the discount is actually in % basis. Thanks to Eugene who corrected me in the first place. Here the response that I for from MC on team discount -

Hi Ashik,

It's wonderful to hear from you.

The math would work like this:

10 players X $1000 = $10,000 X 10% = $1000 back

11 players X $1000 = $11,000 X 10% = $1100 back

15 players X $1000 = $15,000 X 10% = $1500 back

24 players X $1000 = $24,000 X 10% = $2400 back

25 players X $1000 = $25,000 X 12% = $3000 back

30 players X $1000 = $30,000 X 12% = $3600 back

If you have any further questions, please let me know.



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