Monday, December 4, 2006

How I Came Into Chess

I have been attracted to Chess since my boyhood. I didn't get good opponents to play against until I was in class 6 when one of my uncle challenged me. We were very close competitors with me having slight edge over him in a marathon series of hundreds of games. There was no school chess (late 80s), no chess book or anything available to me at that time.

My chess playing restarted after several years when I got a Bengali book on chess and used to play against 2 local chess players (both of whom are brillian students by their own merits). But my serious chess play started when I entered Notre Dame College (NDC) after a very good result in my SSC exam. and my friend Pappu introduced me to both Notre Dame Chess Club and Bangladesh Chess Federation in 1993. I got totally obsessed with the game from that time. I got into chess next 5 years seriously getting FIDE rating, playing in the first division chess leagues, winning a few local tournaments as well as organizing a few chess events.

Since I joined NIIT to study Diploma in Software Engineering in 1998, when I was in the road to real life to earn money and build up a professional career in Information Technology, I left serious chess. I have some accomplishments as a Java Software Developer, but still today Chess and only Chess is my passion. When I came to USA on H1 Visa as a Software Engineer at April 2005, I got some spare time to play chess in Atlanta Chess Center. I should say this is the second phase of my chess span in life. Last 2 years I have been following chess events worldwide more rigorously than ever before.

I wish Chess will be my companion in my last days of life as well.
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